Investigacion de mercados essay

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Investigacion de mercados essay


For the latest news on drug law reform in Mexico click here. What are the current trends regarding drug laws in Mexico? Large sectors of civil society and public opinion, together with a number of former high-level government officials, have openly proposed that recreational substances be legalised in Mexico.

Although the federal government has not yet shown any inclination towards decriminalising the possession and use of drugs in small quantities, recent developments elsewhere may now encourage Mexico to move towards regulating the marijuana market.

Public opinion in Mexico has been strongly influenced by the legalisation of cannabis for recreational purposes in a growing number of states in the US and the regulation of the cannabis market in Uruguay. The debate that began in on legalising cannabis in Mexico City is now seeking reforms and more effective policy approaches.

Read more about progress in the debate on marijuana in Mexico City. Nevertheless, when it comes to legalisation, public opinion remains rather conservative. Back to top 2. What are the current drug laws in Mexico?

The bulk of existing drug legislation in Mexico is formed by stipulations in the General Health Act and the reforms to the Federal Criminal Code. An important change introduced by these reforms was separating narcotics and the range of crimes related to them into distinct articles.

Sentences were increased to between 10 and 25 years for the production, transportation, trafficking, sale and supply of drugs. Sentences were reduced, however, for planting, cultivating and harvesting drug crops for the purpose of consumption. In a significant change from earlier legislation, the act states that: It allows for detention of up to 80 days without an arrest warrant or charge, thus allowing individuals to be detained solely on the basis of being suspected of having links to organised crime.

Although the crimes and associated sentences defined in the s remain on the statute books, a change in the law in August means that they have since only been applied in cases involving wholesale trafficking. This l aw for small-scale selling of drugs reformed Article of the General Health Act and was adopted by parliament in April and implemented on 21 August the same year.

It eliminated all penalties for personal drug consumption up to the following amounts: It also stipulated that addicts can only be subjected to obligatory treatment after their third arrest for a drug-related crime, and increased the sentences for a range of crimes, including sale of drugs to minors or selling near schools.

The quantities permitted for personal consumption are very low, and the law could imply lengthy jail terms for anyone caught with amounts above these limits.

This is because they may be considered small-scale traffickers, even where there is no indication that the quantities they possess are for sale.

The law for small-scale selling of drugs also set the threshold for trafficking prosecutions at one thousand times the maximum amount allowed for personal consumption. Back to top 3. What reform proposals and reforms to the drug laws have recently occurred in the country?

Investigacion de mercados essay

Since the mids, a number of bills relating to marijuana policy have been presented in Mexico, including five at the federal level four in the House of Representatives and one in the Senate and two at the local and state level one in the Federal District Legislative Assembly and one in the Mexico State Congress.

The latest bill is still not introduced into Mexico City parliament, but limited the regulation of cannabis to therapeutic uses, and was discussed by parliament commission in March without finding consensus. This document summarizes the most important legislative proposals and statements relating to changing drug laws and policies in the country between and The bill calls for permits for planting marijuana for personal consumption, allowing up to five plants.Investigación de Mercados, Querétaro.

Investigacion de mercados essay

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