An analysis of anne bradstreets poem upon the burning of our house

Her 17th century works of writing came at a time when the society was male dominated and role of women in the society was much more demeaned. Bradstreet is considered a feminist who advanced her feministic ideas through her writings. The first theme that is presented in Bradstreet works concerns the role of women in the society. In this poem Bradstreet narrates the incident of the burning down of their house.

An analysis of anne bradstreets poem upon the burning of our house

Here is a picture of Anne Bradstreet: Puritans were English and part of the Church of England. They did not break away from the Church of England, but simply wanted to reform it www. As I learned in my American History class, when Henry VIII wanted to divorce one of his wives because she had not bore him a son he went to ask the pope, and the pope told him no.

He made himself the head of the Church of England. They had some different views on particular things, but the ceremony was mostly the same. Eventually, some people in England came along and said that they thought the Church of England was still too Catholic.

Anne Bradstreet

Since the head of the church was the king at the time, this opposition to the church was also counted as oppostion to the king. Anne Bradstreet and her family also moved to this area, being part of the Puritan ideal.

The Puritans followed a man named John Calvin. Human beings were depraved sinners. The rest of humanity was condemned to eternal damnation. Anne Bradstreet was a devout Puritan and she often wrote about it in her poetry.

An analysis of anne bradstreets poem upon the burning of our house

She talked about the Puritan views on salvation and redemption in her poetry. When I read this poem, it sounds like she completely accepts this bad event happening and thinks that because of it she is closer to God.

For more information on Anne Bradstreet here is a video link:“Verses upon the Burning of our House, July 10, ” (sometimes attributed a longer title: “Here Follows Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our house, July 10th.

Copied Out of a Loose Paper.”) by Anne Bradstreet is a poem written in couplets in iambic tetrameter.

An analysis of anne bradstreets poem upon the burning of our house

The Bradstreets soon left Boston for Newtown (now Cambridge), then Ipswich, and after they moved to North Andover, where Bradstreet remained until her death in Upon the Burning of Our House July 10th, () A Letter to Her Husband, Absent Upon Public Employment () Elizabeth Wade White, Anne Bradstreet: The Tenth.

ALEX Lesson Plan A Comparison of Puritan Authors and Their Viewpoints on God and the Devil. Introduce students to Anne Bradstreet and her works "Upon the Burning of our house in " and "My Dear and Loving Husband".

1 for incomplete, 2 for partially relevant quote or incorrect analysis, 3 for somewhat relevant quote or somewhat. With "The Prologue," Anne Bradstreet was stepping out into a scary and hostile world of public writing.

Anne bradstreet upon the burning of our house essay

Before, her thoughts and poems might have been private. Before, her . All of Anne Bradstreet Poems. Anne Bradstreet Poetry Collection from Famous Poets and Poems. In “Upon the Burning of Our House”, she expressed her anguish about the event of her house burning down.

She used this Bible translation, Job “The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away, blessed be the name of the Lord.”.

Anne Bradstreet's "The Author to Her Book" I have to explain the irony in the poem.